Selections in Fine Patina Softwoods
Depending on the desired finish, The Western Lodge Flooring Collection features several different options:

WIDE PLANK LODGE- VINTAGE                                                                                                                              Crafted from wide antique boards, the finished product is generally in the 8-10" wide range.  Lengths range from 3-14', with the majority of boards being between 8-12' long! Features the original brown, sawmarked patina.  Rustic, yet refined, the Wide Plank Lodge is ideal for large areas, long hallways, and commercial applications.  Ask about our proprietary finish techniques that creates a durable, rich, historic feel.

WIDE PLANK LODGE - FRESH ANTIQUE                                                                                                                          Selected from old growth timbers that have been resawn to reveal their impressive patina.  We generally produce  this line in 5-9" widths.   Lengths range from 3-12' with majority of boards being between 6-12' long. Extremely durable and stable,  Fresh Antique can be left as it, or stained with any number of finish treatments to create a product that is an ideal complement to the space it's in.      

WIDE PLANK LODGE - THRESHING                                                                                                                                Originating from select, carefully dismantled agricultural buildings.   Threshing Floor is one of the most unique and well liked products available.  It's date from an age  when small farmers would bring their harvested grain into their barn and then thresh it with a flail to seperate the kernels from the chaff.  The end result is boards that after having been carefully cleaned, reveal generations worth of unique wear and tear that simply can't be matched with any sort of distress treatment.  For a look that literally seems centuries old, this is the product.    Note: product in it's original state is thick, ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 1/4" depending on the building it was saved from.  Generally available in widths ranging from 6-14".   Ask our team about the various ways the Threshing product can be fabricated, installed and finished.