Selections in Antique European Hardwoods
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For the special project looking for that unique touch, Cambridge Supply offers imported Antique European Oak.  The Old Growth nature of the timbers produces board stock that has a superb and beautifully tight grain.  In addition, the story behind these timbers is fascinating, dating back centuries, and coming from historical small towns across the continent.   All Old Europe orders are custom to project specifications.  Feel free to contact us about project and design ideas,  currently available sizes, pricing, lead time and more. 


Generally available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" - 2" thick.  Widths up to 10"  Lengths average 7'.


Choose widths 4-7".  Lengths average 7'.  Longer lengths when available.  Thickness is flexible depending on specifications.


Generally available in sizes raning from 4x4" through 10x10". Lengths up 20'