Premium Lumber for Exterior Applications
Western Red Cedar is a highly desireable building lumber throughout the United States and abroad.  It's natural resistante to rot and insects make's it the ideal exterior wood.  It's rich patina, dimensional stability, pleasant aroma, and even it's sound dampening qualities, make it a great choice inside as well.


Black Locust Select

Black Locust lumber is an age old building material with a well respected history.  It has in recent years come into favor again in the architecture and building world.  Naturally hard, stable, and durable, with a remarkable natural resistance to both rot and insects, Black Locust has become the choice alternative for exterior decking projects where clients seek a domestic, natural and often local alternative to  the harsh chemical saturated pressure treated decking.


    Furniture & Cabinet Stock

      Fine craftsmanship and special pieces start with the right material.  We're proud to supply various millwork shops, furniture makers and artisans with the right materials for their projects.  Submit a cut list or project drawing and we'll be happy to discuss different grades and milling options.