Selections in Antique Timber


Hand hewn timbers offer a distinct and old world feel to almost any space.  The majority of hand hewn timbers are at least 150 years old, with many coming in at more than 200 years old.  The distinct patina is the result of a craftsman’s axe that methodically crafted the beam by hand.  Timbers have been carefully salvaged to preserve their unique patina, gently washed to remove decades of dust, grime, hay, manure and other elements commonly found in the agricultural barns that dotted the countryside of early America.

SIZES: Standard  “6x6”, 8”x8” & 10x10”  

LENGTHS: 4’- 24’


Common applications for Hand Hewn Timbers include the following:

Decorative Ceiling Beams

Components for Timber Trusses

Vertical Porch and Entry Posts

Portico Assemblies

Window and Door Lintels (Header Beams)

Rafters & Corbels

Fireplace Mantels

Newel Posts


Appearance: Hand hewn timbers can vary +/- ¾”from their listed size and is a result of their handmade origin.  Timbers may contain small mortise pockets, trunnel (peg) holes, checking, nail holes, mineral streaking, and other aesthetic irregularities.

Note: Please also inquire about the availability of non-standard sizes (i.e. 8x10, 10x12, etc)  and longer lengths (24’ + ), as available inventory is constantly changing.

Contact Us about custom hand hewing, distressing and other options.